Dignified living for the elderly and disabled.
Dignified living for the
elderly and disabled.


My mother moved into Ellen's Home in February 2010 and I've never worried about her once. I spend most weekends doing puzzles with my mom and witness nothing but consistent, professional care. The staff is friendly, approachable and any questions or concerns are always addressed in a timely manner. Thank you for the peace of mind our family has with the care provided at Ellen's Home.

— Vicki Adams

Ellen's Home

When my mother was 94 years old she was in the hospital with pneumonia and my family and I decided that she needed more care and interaction with people once she was discharged. We visited 6 or 7 different assisted living facilities in the area. After careful consideration, we selected Ellen's Home as it was the best fit for our mother's needs as well as our own. Mother went from the hospital directly to Ellen's Home and she immediately felt at home. We placed all her pictures on the wall and had many pieces of her furniture placed in her room. She had lived alone in an apartment for 11 years after our dad passed away and she surprised us all when she regularly joined other residents in the main television room! We have recommended Ellen's Home and will continue to do so.

— Karen Roskopf, daughter of Edith Schaetzel

It was with a tremendous amount of anxiety that we made the decision to have mom admitted to an assisted living home. Mom suffered from advanced Alzheimer's and we could no longer take care of her in her home. My brother did a substantial amount of research into assisted living homes, and finally decided that we would admit mom to Ellen's Home in Germantown. Our mother needed guided care through every aspect of her day. The care mom receives at Ellen's Home is far superior to the care given at other assisted living homes. The "Angels" who work at Ellen's Home are not only kind, considerate and courteous - but they are truly caring individuals as they maneuver and monitor mom's daily healthcare needs, hygiene needs, and daily living tasks. Somehow they also find the time to apply nail polish to her nails and to make sure her hair is done once a week! Ellen's Home also employs a physical therapist who spends time on a weekly basis making sure mom is moving her limbs and giving her some form of physical activity or exercise. Because Ellen's Home is a smaller assisted living home, it seems that the staff has more time to spend with each patient - which means they know and understand their patient's requirements and personality traits and can respond quickly to their needs - even when the patient cannot communicate with them. We have been so impressed with the care that mom receives - and it gives us peace of mind knowing that she is in very good hands. Every time we see her, she is clean, dressed and in a good healthy condition - and you can see the way the staff cares for her, that they are so very caring and kind. In our hearts, we know that mom is getting the best possible care - and we are relieved and grateful that we no longer have to worry about mom's well-being or safety. We only hope that when the time comes that we will need an assisted living home, that Ellen's Home is still available.

— Bob and Marji Horvat, son of Rose Horvat

How do I even begin to describe what Ellen's Home means to me and my family? During the time that my mom was there, everyone at Ellen's Home became such a huge part of my mom's life and our lives. Gone were the days of worrying if mom was being taken care of properly and if she had any friends to socialize with. She soon had lots of friends at Ellen's Home from the other residents, to the nursing staff to other visitors who would stop and say, "Hi Arlene, how's it going?" Mom enjoyed Ellen's Home so much that there wasn't a week that went by that she didn't ask me, "How did I wind up here and who found this place?" I have recommended Ellen's Home every chance that I get. Thanks again to ALL of you at Ellen's Home, and we still think of you as family.

— Bonnie Forst & Family

If anyone is considering Ellen's Home for a loved one, let me tell you my feelings. The compassion and care given to each and every resident is the best you will find anywhere. They treat each resident with the respect they deserve. I am so grateful to all the staff for all they do to make my mom and the other residents feel wanted and important. It's always a big step to place a loved one in an assisted care facility, but it has been great for me and my mom.

— Richard Horvat

My husband, Donald, was one of the first patients accepted at Ellen's Home in Germantown in 2008. He stayed until his passing in February 2011. Donald had a wonderful experience at Ellen's Home. He was treated with utmost kindness and care by every member of the wonderful staff. Knowing that he was in such good hands gave me such peace of mind. The cooperation between staff and family is exceptional. I will be forever grateful for the wonderful care he received.

— Trudy Ward